TADHack is the world’s largest telco application development hackathon and the only meeting place for telco application developers who love to share, learn , code and innovate on novelty ideas. This international phenomenon took place in 30 different countries on the same day where all Telco developers, partners and sponsors were connected.


hSenid Mobile Solutions took the liberty of sponsoring the event in Sri Lanka for the third consecutive time in two satellite locations, Colombo on 15th & 16th Oct and Jaffna on 14th & 15th Oct. The hackathon was an off the chart success for productive and innovative 24 hours!


Sri Lanka being the largest telco application developer community had a staggering number of over 500 registrants for this year’s TADHack. The two Lankan events held in Colombo and Jaffna had a total of 17 teams. Each and every team was trying their best to bring their novelty idea into the spotlight at the hackathon. The competition was high and we witnessed many new compelling ideas being worked on compared to previous TADHacks.


3 winners with significantly innovative ideas were declared winners on hSenid Mobile’s API platform powered by Dialog Ideamart. Team Shilpa64 with their education management system won the first place while SAS Ninja with their wearable device iWrap won the second place at TADHack 2016. Last but not least team Team APEX won the third place for their customer response monitoring system.

Past pitches

Shipa 64 – Walking School

SASNinjaLabs – iWRAP

Apex – Raven

Excalibur – OptiRoute

IngloriousMasters – Auotamate

Green Square – MyTrip

Api Kawuruda – SiRONA

Siplo -Siplo

Virzions – bAzura

Team Olivescript – Kin

Titans – Medica


SmilyFace – Relationship Management System

Team3v1l – iAP

Fun filled atmosphere

The event was glamorized by the talents of our own hSenidians in singing and dancing, giving a great hacking time for all the developers. Going along with this year’s theme, a traditional devil dance was unveiled in the midnight, surprising all the sleepy hackers.

Our Partners

hSenid Mobile shows its appreciation to all of TADHack Sri Lanka 2016 partners!

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