TADHack Sri Lanka Review

The biggest International Telco Application Development Hackathon

TADHack, the only global meeting place for Telcom application developers who love to learn, share, code and innovate across the breadth of telecom tools and technologies was held for the 2nd time! The international phenomenon took place in different countries on the same day where all Telco developers, partners and sponsors were connected. The main Hackathon kicked off in Lisbon along with other satellite Hackathons from Sri Lanka, Madrid, London, Chicago, New Delhi, Israel, Istanbul, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Australia on the 13th June 2015 for productive and innovative 24 hours! This year hSenid Mobile hosted the event in 3 satellite locations; Colombo & Jaffna in Sri Lanka and for the first time in Bangladesh!

Sri Lanka had a record number of registrations with over 500 applications, representing over 150 teams. The two Lankan events held in Colombo and Jaffna had a total of 20 teams which comprised of 100 developers.

3 winners were declared on hSenid Mobile’s API (Application Programming Interfaces) platform. Further, 7 teams were also given the opportunity to pitch to the Lanka Angel Network, the event’s venture funding partner, for funding, and 4 teams to the LOFT 1024, the event’s incubation partner, for office space and mentoring opportunities at LOFT 1024. Below are the summarized description of winners and the Top 6 teams’ app description along with their pitching video.

An innovative solution for easy car parking through mobile

Ad-Hoc  courier service to utilize empty space in vehicles.

An interactive portal that interconnects the households & waste recycling centers.

An automated system for daily consumer service providers, to detect system failures, alert them to admin and to notify customers.

Smart logistic solution for home & business purposes.

Day worker finder is a telco application where daily wage workers can find jobs easily by registering to the application and from consumer perspective, people can find workers such as plumbers , babysitters and other workers for providing short-time services.

iCL is an intelligent clothes line that communicates with user and acts to his commands.

Innovative home automation houses/ small business with added security measures.

IoT application to monitor, Control & secure your home & maintain the in-House conditions

Home automation system with a security system.

There are shops willing to give offers to promote their sales.  There are job seekers ( part time or full time ) who like to earn. This app connects these two parties ( shops and job seekers)

Our Partners

hSenid Mobile shows its appreciation to all of TADHack Sri Lanka 2015 partners!

Fun filled atmosphere

The event was a perfect blend of both fun filled activities like the paduru party where the hackers sang along with the hSenidians; as well as traditional items like the Salu Paliya (Comical Devil Act) and the peacock dance to go with this year’s theme. Also developers had a great hacking time with nice surrounding and scrumptious food at Ozo. The same atmosphere was reflected in Jaffna too with tamilian traditional dances and a singing session.