TADHack Sri Lanka Review

The first and only global hackathon for Telco Developers.

TADHack is definitely a milestone for the Telecom Community. Developers were able to use sponsors’ developer resources to build various types of Telco Applications. Special thanks to Alan Quale for making the first Telco Global Hackathon a success with 60+ hacks worldwide and 500+ developers. The main Hackathon was kicked off at Madrid, Spain along with other satellite Hackathons from Malaysia, Pune, Sri Lanka, Chicago and Philippines.

At TADHack Sri Lanka, 14 teams which comprised of 75 developers stayed overnight at the venue to hack. It was very impressive to witness a range of Telco Applications that targets different industries such as agriculture, retail, medical, enterprise…

3 winners were declared on hSenid Mobile’s API (Application Programming Interfaces) platform. Below are the summarized description of winners and the Top 10 teams’ app description along with their pitching video.

DIY is a portal for anyone to develop their own applications by simply dragging and deploying the components, or even sharing and collaborating app with the appstore. hSenid Mobile USSD & SMS are used by this app.

M-Pay is a telco application for any type of business requirement. From a high school to an institution , large offices or universities where parents , students and employees can easily purchase items like snacks, stationary items and promotional products by simply sending a SMS and then receive using a vending machine into which the pin number must be entered.

Tag a price is an interactive consumer –based app that will help you to get the best grocery price at your fingertips.

Offerhut is the one stop offer platform for providers of goods and services to advertise their offers, and for consumers to query the available offers. It is a comprehensive mobile pull advertising platform.

Digital irrigation automation is a Telco based platform which primarily focuses optimizing the usage of scarce resource water and by automating reduces manual labour involved in irrigation. This is an excellent solution for use in dry zones of Sri Lanka.
Different crops will need different volumes of water irrigated at different time of the day. DIA offers functionality to start watering simply by sending an SMS, or scheduling it for particular time for a week.

Further by using Location based service of telco and weather API, DIA will send alerts and notifications about weather, temperature and soil moisture based on inputs of sensors which will ease decision making. To make the solution simple, easy-to-use & affordable, USSD, SMS, location and open hardware (Arduino) were used to build DIA

JobWallet is a Telco application where daily wage workers can find jobs easily by registering to the application and from consumer perspective, people can find workers such as plumbers, baby sitters and other workers for providing short-term sevices. JobWallet uses CaaS, Location, USSD and SMS APIs of hSenid Mobile.

Track M is a mobile application which is designed for the passengers to identify the locations of the buses which they expect to travel. The main aim of this application is to reduce the time wastage of the passengers in bus stops. This app uses CaaS, USSD and SMS APIs of hSenid Mobile.

This is a medical emergency system using QR code, which enables a one-click solution to reach a medical service. It can be a life saver as it would alert integrated medical entities such as hospitals, ambulance services and patients’ relatives through the app.

RED DROPS is a powerful application that can support a country’s national blood supply system in an efficient and effective manner. It’s designed to solve the blood shortage problem especially in life against time emergency situations . Is it built on hSenid Mobile APIs on Ideamart –  Location, USSD, SMS and CAAS APIs.

Waste Master is the ultimate solution that coordinates Garbage Collecting Vehicles with the community using Location & SMS APIs to improve the efficiency of existing garbage collection methods.

Vconnect is an application that connects farmers to resellers, eliminating the middle man. The middle man causes a price hike in farm produce by the time it reaches the resellers. Using hSenid Mobile’s SMS and USSD APIs, farmers and resellers are connected, where farmers can directly send their price lists to resellers. Consumers are also benefited due to lower prices.

Winners and Prizes

The winning teams won a cheque of $1000 each and Runner Ups won Tabs from Ideamart  – Dialog. Thats not all. The 1st three teams that reach Rs.50 000 in revenue are entitled to win a marketing package worth of Rs 500 000 ($3900) by Ideamart. So the hackathon is not over yet for Lanka developers.

hSenid Mobile APIs supports messaging, location tracking, mobile charging, USSD – menu driven app, in-app purchasing and subscription.  Want to know more about hSenid Mobile’s API Platform?

Fun filled atmosphere

There were also many entertaining events for developers that kept them awake and made the hacking environment cheerful and relaxing. At midnight traditional dancers performed with loud drums.Developers had a great hacking time with plenty of food. Started with Magic Corn, unlimited Pizzas for dinner, Redbull at midnight, String hopper meal for breakfast and Pot biryani with mini doughnuts for lunch. There was also enough caffeine for developers. A Nescafé machine was at the venue while CIOCONAT Lounge provided Café Late during the judging hour.