Frequently Asked Questions

How can Dev Space take developers global?

The apps developed will be showcased to Telcos around the world who are currently using hSenid Mobile’s Telco Application Platform (TAP). The Telcos would select the apps that can address their market needs and launch it to their subscribers. The Telco App Store and even Social Media are ways of discovering Dev Space apps, which are means of reaching out to millions of consumers worldwide.

How are developers to deploy Telco apps via Dev Space?

Dev Space facilitates local developers to deploy their apps with all the Telcos who are currently using hSenid Mobile’s Telco Application Platform (TAP). For further details please send a mail to

Can non-techies actually create Telco apps?

Web based templates are provided with patterns where anyone could fill in the forms and submit online. The app creation is so simplified that it only takes couple of minutes to develop and submit. For further details please send a mail to

What are the tools, technologies, skills needed for a techie to create an app using Dev Space developer tool kit?

Dev Space APIs facilitates any developer with basic programming knowledge in JAVA, . Net, Python and PHP to create Telco apps. Any chosen language specific IDE can be used for development and any browser can be used for the simulator. Dev Space also provides sample apps and API guides in order to make your life easy. Click here to get sample application and simulator.

What are the simple use cases of Dev Space APIs?
Alert Tickets Family & friends tracker
Request Vouchers Location enabled marketing
Chat Donations Workforce Management
Quiz Mobile purchase Taxi tracker
USSD Menus Shop Finder
Where can developers find the latest documentations for Dev Space APIs ?

Developers can get API details from the following URL

Where can developers find sample apps and instructions on how to run sample Apps?

Developers can get sample apps for each and every APIs from

Dev Space provides simulators. Why?

It’s not practically possible to test a developed app with an operator’s backend. So we have simulated their environment and made it easy to test. All the simulator related information are given in the simulator guide provided under following URL

How does the app deployment with Telcos work?

Once the app is developed, developers can test their app with simulator provided in DevSpace. After testing to connect with Telcos, the app developers should contact Dev Space on

Where are developers to host apps? Can I host it in a private hosting space?

Yes, developers are allowed to use their own hosting space or they can request hosting space from Dev Space. If you need a hosting from Dev Space please send a mail with app details including programming language used and database required to

How to test deployed apps in the live environment?

It depends on developer’s country and the Telco where the app is deployed. For further information please contact us on

What are the conditions when deploying the app with Telcos?

Developers will have to sign an agreement with Dev Space. For further clarifications please contact us on

How can i get more details related to Dev Space?

Join our Dev Space Facebook group to stay up to date with what’s happening on Dev Space, to hear about events, for announcements and to ask questions.

If you want Dev Space to contact you, email to and we will reply you personally.