The In App Simulator creates a virtual Appstore environment for the Application Developers to test the created applications before connecting with the real-world system.


Appstore Simulator is available in dev space and that could be downloaded and installed to the developer’s android device.

Following lists the prerequisites for installing Appstore Simulator

  1. Developer’s Testing Device should be Android API Level 8 or above
  2. Developer’s In-App Enabled Application should be bundled with iap-android-sdk.jar

Using the Simulator

The Appstore Simulator will simulate an Appstore by processing the purchase requests originated from developer’s application and sending responses to them.

Figure 3.1

Following figure depicts the simulator screen.

Figure 3.2

Sign In

Following figure depicts the simulator screen.

Figure 3.3

The developer can simulate the appstore sign in process from the simulator, in which case the In-App Purchasing would proceed seamlessly without pausing on the appstore sign-in screen.

Please use following sample credentials to Sign In to the Appstore.

  • User Name: user
  • Password: 123

Simulation Response configuration

Simulation responses could be selected from the radio buttons available in the ‘Select Simulation Response’ screen depicted in Figure 3.4.

Figure 3.4

Following success and error responses could be simulated.

Success /Error Code Description
S1000 Transaction Successful
E1762 Connection error: unable to connect to in-app purchasing server. Please retry.
E1319 Transaction limit for today is exceeded. Please try again or contact.
E1326 Insufficient balance in payment Instrument to complete the transaction.
E1763 No payment Instruments capable to do this purchase.

Once selected an option, click on ‘Save Configuration’ and following message in the Figure 3.4 will appear as a result.

Figure 3.5

Once configured the simulation responses, try sending purchase requests from the developer application.

Note: To work with the simulator, the developer’s application shall have created an InAppServiceConnection for Simulation. This connection shall be made with the server, when the application goes live. Please refer the API Guide for more information on creating the connection.